Product Review: H2O4K9 - A Water Bottle for Dogs

Brace yourself, summer is coming… unless you live in Colorado. No seriously, have you stepped outside the past couple days? It’s been really nice outside and the temperature is rapidly rising. It’s was 88 degrees yesterday... in May! Today’s product review featured something that is going to be really helpful for your dog - the H2O4K9 Water Bottle. Even the name is pretty fun, say H2O4K9 a couple times. Rolls really nicely off the tongue doesn't it?

If you're like me, you're probably pretty active with your dog. So why is this a good product for your dog? Go into your closet and put on a really thick winter jacket - now go outside and run half a mile in this weather. Are you ready to faint from the heat? That’s how most dogs feel in this warm to hot weather. It’s important that we dog owners help keep our dogs hydrated and cool. 

The H2O4K9 Water Bottle features a screw on lid that also functions as a water bowl. The lid is also the perfect shape for dogs to drink out of. There’s very little parts to it so it’s very sturdy and won't break easily. It's BPA free if you're into that sort of thing and comes in some awesome colors. I’m a sucker for the lime green myself. I normally add a couple of ice cubes into the water and it keeps the water nice and cold so Pippa and I can play fetch for a couple hours. 

Go get one already - all the cool dog owners in the neighborhood has one. #nopressure Check out the full list of other essential products for your dog!