Congratulations. If you're reading this blog, it means you're interested in the betterment of your dog's life.

Who are you? And what is this blog about? 
If you’re like me, you do a ton of reading. You do your research before you buy. You’re the expert. You’re the go-to guy or gal when it comes the best coffee shop, the latest trends, the latest celebrity to break the internet. 

I'm just a pet owner who wants the best for my dog. I’m also here to curate the best resources, products and training information I can find. Driven by the results of my own puppy (Pippa) - I’m here to provide you with a refreshing experience. To help you cut through the bullshit and deliver all the good stuff to you in a nice package wrapped with a bowtie. 

I’m not a professional trainer - but I am obsessed in learning the best methods, the latest trends and the best of the best. Pippa seems to agree with me so far.