So You Want a Dog for a Pet? Part I. 10 Facts on Owning a Puppy

Pippa’s first two week with us was enough to drive us up a wall. The lack of sleep from the crying at night. The constant cleaning of shit and pee meant a bottle of cleaning spray was glued to my hand. The fact that she won’t stay still enough for me to take a photo of her for likes on Instagram. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Before you get a puppy, consider the following facts: 

Fact 1: You will lose sleep the first couple months of puppy ownership. And many more after that. 

Fact 2: She will destroy something precious to you, such as your ego, your will, your ultra rare holographic Pokemon card...

Fact 3: You will go through cleaning spray faster than frat boys go through cheap beer.

Get the Nature's Miracle stuff. It uses enzymes to completely remove the scent so your dog doesn't pee/poop in the same spot. Get the big bottle. It's cheaper and you'll thank me later. 

Fact 4: You will need to watch her like a hawk for the first 6 months. If you blink, you will find a pile of crap 2 weeks later. Ask me how I know.

Fact 5: She will out run you. Especially when she has something of yours in her mouth. 

Fact 6: You will get frustrated, angry and demoralized. And you better not give up. 

Fact 7: She will require your full attention and she is first priority. No you say? Get a cat. 

Fact 8: You will need to spend a good chunk of money for her well-being. 

Fact 9: She is the sunshine of your life. 

Fact 10: You will never have a friend like her. No, not even if you have Genie. 

If any of the above scared you even a bit, you’re probably not ready for a dog. Owning a dog is a serious decision. Deciding to give up on your dog because of any excuse is just not fair to the dog. If you decide to get a dog, own up to it and put in as much effort as you can. It will be rewarded tenfolds. 

Should I get a husky, lab or french bulldog? Which one is best for me? Check back for So You Want to Get a Puppy? Part II for answers.